A Secret Longing

In every being, there is a secret longing
for life in coherence with the universe across all scales.

This longing is rarely recognized or articulated.

The conditions of survival, cultural and economic systems,
at once engender and require amnesia of this core longing,
substituting instead a proliferation of ephemeral desires
that can never fully be met and never truly satisfy.

When economic incentive and cultural modality
are perfectly aligned with this silent longing,
the transformation of the world finally occurs.

As economic and cultural structures unravel,
they liberate the potential bound within them
to reorganize upon the templates formed by the intersection
of every individual facet of this universal longing.

This process unfolds on all levels simultaneously.
It can be pointed towards, but never grasped.
It must be surrendered into, in order to be guided.

Transcending the personal I,
it is the unity of us all.