Nice Soil

self-organizing abundance
is our original culture.

unbound by fixed identity,
we express creativity itself.

unattached to outcomes,
not taking it personally,
we are all that can happen – and does.

unencumbered, truly
a breath carries the wave of the infinite ocean
all attunes

there is nothing so far away
as this moment.

distant galaxies
are but a heartbeat.

from eternity,
everything is seen
inside out
upside down

all this
all that
is but smoke in the breeze.

let the tree grow anew
let the roots infiltrate
rocky crevices
soft moist loam
the smells of life-play
the exuberance of still water

in truth
we need so little
and more is not more

we turn around to find
this enormity
collapsing beneath its own weight
as it has been all along.

it will make nice soil.