a chemical reaction is found to occur
in the presence of biological material.
a spot on a protein is implicated.
an enzyme is defined after the transformation observed
named and numbered and sequenced
dry butterfly pinned to cork

yet many sites on many proteins are found to catalyze many reactions under many conditions in the presence of many cofactors
And many of the same or different sites on the same proteins are found to do many other things aside from catalyzing reactions

no one told these proteins that they ought just be enzymes.
they pay no heed to a number.
can the dead butterfly fly?
a deeper pattern is not so dry.

a sequence of DNA is found to correspond to a protein.
a gene is defined
named, numbered, sequenced
mountain made into marks on a map

“Genes code for RNA codes for proteins.”
yet most DNA is not even genes
and even much of a gene itself is not “code”
and DNA is found to have holonomic properties
unaccounted for by a code

no one told DNA it ought just be a code.
it pays no heed to numbers.
does the mapped mountain snow?
a deeper pattern is not so flat.

the root of “science” means “to cut”

yet to forget
that categories cut are
answers fit to our own questions
reflections of our own habits
mere interfaces with a deeper pattern
more subtle than words and concepts

to forget that space is exactly as vast as the mind it experiences

is to forget the boundless depth of oneself

the sublime omniscient beauty
of the nondual knower-known
the dimly sensed end
of all intellectual activity
where all paradoxes answer one another

water frozen is ice
but it’s still water.