True Healing

True healing is
not the conquest of sickness.

It is the unfolding of consciousness
into the simplicity of the present moment
the wellspring of wisdom, beauty, love.

Sit in silent stillness
return to embodied awareness,
meet the resistances to the universal flow

in the brain, muscles, fascia, bones, organs, DNA, water,
culture, story, ecos, ancestors, spirits, timelines –
all at once.

True healing is not a walled garden
a polished fixed identity
an island fortress hardened
against the crashing waves.

True healing is what remains
in the silence between
the ebbs and flows of highs and lows

the certainty in the mystery
the humility in the grandiosity
the divinity in the humanity. 

every knot unwound
a thread woven of the web of life.
every block unbound
ripples through infinity.

every moment in love
is eternity.

True healing is
being whole, all along.